Standard Terms and Conditions

Bar-One Security (Pty) Ltd shall herein under be referred to as Bar-One and the accepting party as the Buyer.
1. In order to commence work a signature of acceptance by the Buyer is required which will constitute a firm
order between Bar-One and the Buyer.
2. Bar-One reserves the right to cancel any order if:
(i) 50% deposit is not paid by the Buyer on acceptance of order (Balance to be paid on completion of work).
(ii) Substantial changes in material and systems and/or prices occur.
(iii) Prevailing conditions beyond the control of Bar-One make it impossible to assure delivery.
Should any of the above occur Bar-One will not be liable for any claims for damages by the Buyer whether direct, indirect or consequential.
3. It is understood that this signed quotation is binding and cannot be cancelled unless agreed to by Bar-One in writing and will only be agreed to if production has not been started, failing which a 10% fee of the total cost of the quotation will be levied to cover travel, administration and production costs.
4. Any agreed alterations requested in design, quantity or specification and any suspension of work will result in adjustment to the price quoted.
5. Stated dimensions, delivery times and dates will be deemed to be approximate only.
6. Whilst every effort will be made to carry out work in a professional manner, Bar-One shall not be liable for any damages or losses suffered by the Buyer including but not limited to damaged glass, water pipes, electric cables, carpets, tiles, brick paving, wall damage, welding marks or any other loss whatsoever.
7. When fitting tracks for sliding driveway gates, or any steelwork whatsoever, Bar-One will not be held responsible to erect or install retaining walls, brickwork etc. Should this be required, the Buyer will be quoted and charged separately.
8. All payments are strictly C.O.D. unless otherwise arranged in writing. Any outstanding amounts in terms of this agreement shall bear interest at the prevailing prime commercial bank overdraft rate – all goods remain the property of Bar-One until the full payment has been made.
9. Should the Buyer default in making payment Bar-One reserves the right to remove the goods and the Buyer agrees to allow Bar-One or its assignees access to the property for this purpose. A cost for this will be levied and the buyer is responsible for payment.
10. Should any monies in respect of the original amount be held back, or not paid in full, none of the work or goods supplied and installed will be guaranteed.
11. Prices are firm for a period of thirty days from the date of the written quotation, thereafter they are subject to confirmation.
12. The Buyer shall make available to Bar-One on site a 220 volt electrical current and/or water to the immediate location of the proposed work.
13. (i) Steelwork, automation systems and installations are guaranteed for a period of 12 months.
(ii) The following shall be excluded from the guarantee:
a) Liability on the part of Bar-One where the buyer has carried out corrective measures or alterations (not agreed to in the work to be carried out by Bar-One) either by himself or through any third party.
b) Lightning strikes, any acts of God, accidents, vandalism and forceful break-ins.
c) Any claims against rust, colour fading and damaged due to normal wear and tear etc.
d) In the event of any defects proved to be unjustified, part or all the costs incurred by Bar-One as a result of corrective measures taken shall be borne by the Buyer.
(iii) Every effort is made to supply steelwork with good paintwork. A red oxide is first applied and the colour sprayed on top.
(iv) With regard to wooden gates, these are treated and oiled with a professional oil base for exterior protection before leaving the factory. The buyer should re-oil these gates within 3-6 months and thereafter on an annual basis (or more often depending on weather conditions). Should the Buyer not oil the wood as indicated, then no guarantee will be given.
(v) Locks supplied are of good quality. Excluded from the guarantee is a lock damaged caused by keys forced in the wrong way or upside down. No guarantee can be offered where additional keys have been cut by the Buyer.
(vi) Electrical connections for power to the gate motors, garage door motors, electric fences etc. will be done by ourselves and no certificate of compliance will be issued. Should you require this certificate, a qualified electrician will be called in and additional charges will be levied for this connection and certificate.
14. Clearance of any rubble, debris or any old steelwork etc. unless quoted for is not the responsibility of Bar-
15. Any complaints or problems with regard to workmanship or installation should be reported to Bar-One within 7 days in writing.
16. In the event of Bar-One supplying or installing any of their Electronic Equipment such as (Motors, Intercoms, Photocells, Cabling etc or steelwork) to any existing Electronic Equipment or steelwork of the Buyer, or utilising any part of the Buyers Equipment whatsoever, and any part of the Buyers Equipment is found to be faulty, or becomes faulty or causes Bar-One’s equipment to become faulty then Bar-One will not be held responsible to rectify the problem. However, should Bar-One be able to rectify the problem, then additional charges for this will be levied.
17. The parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court having jurisdiction over the persons not withstanding that the amount in dispute might exceed the jurisdiction of such Court. Bar-One shall, however, be entitled at the discretion, to institute action out of The Supreme Court of South Africa for any amount owing to it in terms hereof. All costs for such action shall be borne by the Buyer.