Access control

Bar-One Security has a range of standalone solutions for residential, commercial and industrial access control systems. From booms, remotes, keypads or even proximity tag reader systems for parking access control, Bar-One Security has access control systems secured.

At Bar-One Security, we have a dedicated team of expert technicians that can advise you on the access control solution for your home or your business. This team provides a backup service for on-site and in-house repairs.

Gate automation

Bar-One Security provides a range of electronic and automation services; not only on new electric gate automation but we also provide maintenance and support for existing automated gates and systems. Our electric gate automation systems are tailored to suit your needs and pocket.


D2 Turbo domestic sliding gate operator

  • Battery backup
  • Rapid operating speed – slower speed can be selected
  • Multiple operating profiles
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Exceptionally easy system set up via simple controller
  • Onboard NOVA multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Adaptive Collision Sensing system
  • Modular, clip-together design for easy and quick maintenance
  • Stylish design to enhance any driveway
  • Suitable for gates weighing up to 250kg
  • Lockable manual override
  • Electrical spike protection against lightning and power surges


D5 Evo sliding gate operator

The evolution of the tried and tested D5, 500kg gate operator for domestic and light industrial applications.

  • Battery backup
  • Potent push force
  • Intelligent speed control
  • Rapid and smooth opening and closing
  • Exceptionally easy system setup via LCD user interface
  • Onboard NOVA (Keeloq™ encryption) multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Multiple operating features including Alarm Modes (a world first)
  • Integral ChronoGuard timer functionality


D10 Industrial sliding gate operator

Using Centurion’s proven DC technology, this is the complete solution for commercial and industrial gates up to 1000kg.


  • Battery backup
  • Rapid operating speed
  • Intelligent speed control
  • High duty cycle capability
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration Multiple operating features, including Alarm Modes (a world first)
  • Exceptionally easy system setup via LCD user interface
  • Onboard NOVA multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Integral ChronoGuard™ timer functionality

D10 High speed industrial sliding gate operator

The lightning-fast CENTURION D10 Turbo industrial sliding gate motor is the perfect solution for speed freaks to get their fix. Whether you’re just in a hurry, or seriously concerned about your security, there is no time wasted with the D10 Turbo at your gate. This beast will move a gate weighing up to 1000kg and, depending on the weight of the gate, can reach speeds of up to 50 metres per minute. It’s our fastest operator yet!


  • Speed and power
  • Intelligent speed control
  • Battery backup
  • Accurate and safe position control
  • Attractive styling
  • Jam-free manual override
  • Easy setup for simple installation
  • Intelligent automatic setup
  • Multiple operating features
  • Operate wirelessly, thanks to CENTURION
  • Alarm features (a world first)
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • ChronoGuard timer technology (a world first)

Vantage domestic and light industrial linear swing gate operator

Sleek, stylish, secure and strong: these are some of the words that describe the VANTAGE linear swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates. VANTAGE gate automation comes standard with battery backup offers a quick and easy (not to mention good looking) installation. It is an exceptionally strong set of operators for gates up to 4m wide, per leaf (consult specifications for further details).


  • Heavy duty security
  • Easy to install
  • High push force
  • Revolutionary brake
  • Internal limits
  • Complete speed control
  • Swift operation
  • Safe battery backup
  • Sensitive anti-crushing control
  • All-weather construction
  • Easy to use
  • Operate wirelessly
  • Break-in Alarm (a world first)
  • Ambush Alarm

Centurion XTrac – Domestic sectional and tip-up garage door motors

Does using your garage door sound like a castle lowering its drawbridge?

Unlike the garage door motors of yesteryear, the XTrac‘s super quiet and powerful 24V DC motor is connected directly to the garage door and travels with it as it opens or closes. No more clanking chains result in a smoother and quieter ride.

No power? No problem. The XTrac isn’t fazed by any power issues – be they low voltages, spikes or even failures.

The XTrac can be set up in a matter of minutes, powers both sectional and tip-up doors and comes with a host of vital functions and features.

Quiet, safe and reliable.

Mag Locks

Centurion mag locks are constructed from tough, weather-resistant stainless steel – making them ideal for outdoor use – and vastly improve the security of access points via secure locking with an armature plate. In addition, the native door monitoring facility will electronically notify co-installed access control equipment of distress conditions such as door forced and door left open, further increasing security.


Bar-One Security has a range of standalone solutions for residential, commercial and industrial access control systems. From remotes, keypads or even proximity tag reader systems for parking access control, Bar-One Security has access control systems secured.


Centurion Polo-Phone

Polo-Phone intercom systems are stylish, have outstanding features and are excellent value for money. Polo-Phone intercoms are versatile and expandable. From a state-of-the-art one to one intercoms kit for the average home, components can be easily added to these intercom systems to expand them into an ideal unit for large houses or small office installation.


BPT Phone

BPT intercom systems are upmarket and fully expandable. BPT are sleek surface mounted intercoms with drip moulding and illuminated buttons. These intercom systems come complete with power supply control unit and stylish handsets with lock release and auxiliary buttons.

Remotes, Tag readers, Keypads

Centurion Nova Remotes – encrypted rolling codes

The NOVA system incorporates code hopping technology to offer the ultimate security in a remote control. A unique randomly changing code is transmitted with each operation making it impossible to duplicate the system. Incorporates code-hopping/rolling code technology for the ultimate in security.


Centurion Tag Readers

The Solo range of proximity tag reader systems designed for simple stand-alone access control applications where security, cost and simplicity is important. The Lattice range of proximity tag reader systems are designed to meet the need for a cost-effective, networked access control system.


Centurion security keypad – stand alone security keypads for cost effective keyless access control systems

The SmartGUARD keypad has been designed to provide all the power and functionality required for high security keyless access control. It is fully weatherproof and manufactured using the latest in high tech engineering polymers to be a robust, durable and affordable product. This is a perfect home security keypad for home access control systems.

  • Up to 1000 unique 1-10 digit codes
  • Selectively add and delete user codes
  • Fully weatherproof with backlit keypad
  • Memory backup module 3 Channel output

Booms: Automatic and manual booms


Centurion Sector

High-volume industrial traffic barriers.

  • Battery backup
  • High volume capability
  • Rapid boom pole raise (3m version < 1.2sec)
  • Smooth intelligent speed control
  • High torque boom pole operation
  • Robust, durable and slim-line operator casing
  • LCD user interface for simple set up
  • Onboard NOVA rolling code (Keeloq™ encryption) multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality


Centurion Centinel

If the requirement is to cordon off a parking lot or entrance to a housing estate where a manned guard is always present, then the Centinel manual barrier is a perfect cost-effective answer.

The Centinel is available with 3, 4.5 and 6 metre boom pole lengths. Using an internal spring the Centinel avoids the use of unsightly weights to counterbalance the boom pole. This results in a particularly compact and aesthetically pleasing barrier befitting the entrance to any up-market installation.

  • Internal spring counterbalance
  • Attractive slim-line construction
  • Convenient actuating handle for raising boom pole
  • Thumbwheel to secure pole in raised or lowered position