Garage doors and automation

Bar-One Security provides a range of electronic and automation of garage doors; not only on new electric garage door automation but we also provide maintenance and support for existing automated garage doors and systems. Our garage door automation systems are tailored to suit your needs and pocket.

No door job is too big!

Bar-One Security’s professional installation of Corotex and Meranti wooden garage doors offer elegant designs with strength, safety and security a top priority.

Garage door automation

For a successful garage door and garage door motor instillation, Bar-One Security uses only the highest quality garage doors and garage door motors.

XTrac – Domestic sectional and tip-up garage door motors

Does using your garage door sound like a castle lowering its drawbridge?

Unlike the garage door motors of yesteryear, the XTrac‘s super quiet and powerful 24V DC motor is connected directly to the garage door and travels with it as it opens or closes. No more clanking chains results in a smoother and quieter ride.

No power? No problem. The XTrac isn’t fazed by any power issues – be they low voltages, spikes or even failures.

The XTrac can be set up in a matter of minutes, powers both sectional and tip-up doors and comes with a host of vital functions and features.

Quiet, safe and reliable.

Garage doors

Corotex sectional overhead garage doors


corotexThe Corotex door is offered in standard garage door sizes. The minimum head room required is 400mm from the top of the door. Minimum side room required is 120mm from the front of the door.

The Corotex Door comes in an elegant pattern design, accentuated with an embossed wood grain texture adding value and beauty to your home, but still retaining the rugged strength provided by steel.

Meranti wooden doors

meranti_woodenTimber doors that provide strength with the beauty of natural wood on both sides:

  • Meranti sectional door
  • 20 Panel 2.440m (w) x 2.130m (h)
  • 40 Panel 4.880m (w) x 2.130m (h)
  • Raised and fielded panels

Meranti horizontal wooden doors

meranti_horizontalSlatted tip-up or sectional door in narrow or wide slats:

  • Horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  • Enhance the beauty of your home